Perforata Curved Handmade Leather Belt

$ 95
Color: Cognac with Gold Tip

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If you love a soft and playable but strong leather belt, the Perforata is for you!  The unique hole pattern was created by Miguel and his team of leather artisans just south of Leon, MX.  This eye catching belt comes in many colors and some include a splash of color on the tip as an extra accent.  

Our custom buckles come standard and you can easily change them out for a fav buckle of your own by simply unsnapping the two snaps that hold the buckle and hand stitched belt keeper.  The Perforata's are cut with Embrazio's patented curve providing a more comfortable fit, more flattering look, and the elimination that annoying gapping in the back of your pants.

Detailed Description

  • Full grain single strap premium leather
  • Custom Embrazio buckle
  • Easily change the buckle via two snaps
  • Hand stitched belt keeper 


1 1/2" wide, available in 2" increments in sizes 30 - 38.


 Measure an existing belt from the buckle bar (where the leather wraps the buckle) to the hole the belt is worn on and that should give you the size belt you should order.


Measure a belt you currently wear. Measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt (leather wraps around the buckle) to the hole you are currently using. If this measurement is 34 inches, order a size 34 belt. Our belts are sized to the center hole. If you order a 34, it will be 34" to the third or center hole. Fitting a belt to the center hole is important as it gives you the most flexibility with your belt.


Do not measure the belt from end to end. You will not get the accurate size that way.

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