Lato Curved Handmade Leather Belt

$ 79
Color: Black

The Embrazio Lato Curved leather belt is shaped with a subtle yet definite s-curved wrap of hips and waist. This unique design fits so much better than straight belts, enhancing not only the feel to but also the look of the wearer.  Rising over the hips, the belt does not press into one's hipbones.  Coming slightly down in back the belt does not have that annoying gap when worn with jeans or pants. 

The Embrazio Lato Curved belt has been designed to allow for interchangeable buckles, offering one the ability to change the buckle to suit one's attire.  Wear the belt with a buckle from your own collection or pair it with one of the selection of buckles Embrazio has curated and offers on its website.   

Constructed of premium, full-grain leather featuring the leather's natural texture, the Embrazio Lato Curved belt is a one-of-a kind accessory that just gets better with time and wear.

DIMENSIONS: 1 1/2" wide

Sizing: measure an existing belt from the buckle bar connecting to the belt to the hole the belt is worn on and that should give you the size Lato belt you should order.


Measure a belt you currently wear. Measure from where the buckle attaches to the belt (leather wraps around the buckle) to the hole you are currently using. If this measurement is 34 inches, order a size 34 belt. Our belts are sized to the center hole. If you order a 34, it will be 34" to the third or center hole. Fitting a belt to the center hole is important as it gives you the most flexibility with your belt.


Do not measure the belt from end to end. You will not get the accurate size that way.

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