BREE 28 Pyrite Rosary Chain with Baroque Pearl Y Lariat Opera Necklace

$ 75
Material: Periwinkle Silver Pyrite Blackened Brass Wire Rosary Chain

Wearing the Bree will add an element of sparkle and elegance to your day or evening attire.  It’s such an accessible piece. 

Delicate yet powerful with exceptional sparkle, Embrazio’s pyrite rosary-chain jewelry adds a new dimension to Embrazio’s Infinite Soul Collection.  A variety of lengths and ranging from the very simple to the creatively complex, the pyrite rosary-chain jewelry can be worn alone, layered with other pieces from Embrazio’s Infinite Soul Collection, or complemented with pieces you’ve curated elsewhere. 

The Bree 28 necklace comes to a focal point in the area of your solar plexus with a drop of pyrite rosary chain terminating in a highly lustrous tear drop baroque pearl.  

    • Faceted silver, gold, or natural pyrite gemstone beads (3-3.5mm)
    • Rosary chain wire in blackened brass
    • High luster genuine freshwater baroque tear drop pearl
    • Long enough to make fastener unnecessary
    • Handmade item
    • Necklace length without lariat drop - 28 inches
    • Lariat Drop of rosary chain terminated with baroque pearl -  length 3 inches

They say positive energy runs rampant in the pyrite stone.  True or not the smile this necklace will engender when you pick it up and put it on will most definitely bring the positive your way.   

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