Welcome to Embrazio, makers of handmade leather bags, belts and cell phone holders.  Embrazio combines the finest leathers and hardware to create authentic and classically styled products specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle.  For example, Embrazio was recently awarded a patent for its curved leather belts that are perfect for today's expensive designer jeans and slacks.  They eliminate "gapping" in the back and provide the refined aesthetic and comfortable fit you expect from a company that puts a high priority of form and function.  

Embrazio designs are extensively tested in the real world by a cross section of people.  In the case of Embrazio's Stretta cross body bag, over 25 prototypes were created before settling on a design suitable for production.  If you try a Stretta, you'll see the time and testing was well worth it.  The same is true for everything Embrazio makes.  If you enjoy the look, feel, and smell of great leather that just gets better with time and wear, try Embrazio.  Come, "feel the embrace" of Embrazio leather.