Got Your Tickets? Get The Right Bag!

We love to travel so we end up hanging out with folks that like to travel as well.  Just yesterday, a friend stopped us at our local coffee shop and said, "I just love my Stretta for traveling.  I roll it up in my carry-on and once we land, I load it up and it's the only bag I need for the entire rest of the trip."  We couldn't stop there so we asked a few more questions....

What specifically makes it a "great travel bag?" we asked.  She said she loves the fact that you can wear it as a cross body or as a hip bag.  Often when exploring on a trip, she configures her Stretta as a hip bag by removing the strap and running her belt through the hidden channel in the back.  "This gives me both hands free and my bag is secure at my side and not swinging around when we're riding bikes or mopeds." 

She also said she's amazed by how much the bag holds.  The gussets really make a difference and allow the bag to greatly expand when you need to stuff it or lay relatively flat when you don't.  "Also, if we're in a sketchy area, I put my phone inside the zippered pocket and use the outside phone sleeve to hold my map or a brochure I've picked up."

"Beyond all of those benefits, it's really comfy on a trip and doesn't weigh me down on long days of sight seeing," she said.  That's music to our ears as we went through 20+ prototypes to get to a design that is light but secure.  In fact, we've had several folks tell us they hardly know they have it on when carrying just their essentials.  

We sure do love the feedback and thought we'd write it up as a way of spreading the word.  If you're traveling this summer, you might give some thought to having just the right bag along and, of course, we hope it's one of ours!