Scott & Stephanie’s successful careers in technology, combined with Stephanie’s love of all things horses, led to Embrazio’s first product; a curved belt and phone holster designed for secure and easy access to your smart phone while on horseback. Called the Classico Combination, this product brought together innovative fashion and a clear attention to functional needs associated with modern technology. 

Early customers quickly recognized the quality, fashion, and functional sense of Embrazio’s first product and wanted more…
- Could you make just a curved belt?
- Could you make a nice cross body bag with easy access to my phone?
- How about a backpack for daily use and travel?
- Ever thought about applying your design concept to jewelry?

Because of their experience with the rapid prototyping techniques used in software development AND because they work with small highly skilled leather artisans in Leon, Mexico, Scott & Stephanie have been able to create a new approach to product design in the fashion world; Customer Collaborative Design

Customer Collaborative Design flips the traditional fashion design process by putting the customer, not the designer, in charge. Embrazio has created a prototyping environment where new concepts can be rapidly built, tested by real customers quickly, redesigned & tested again until the final product has just the look, just the feel, and just the functionality the customer really wants. Instead of taking what some designer in NY or LA thinks you should have, Embrazio starts with a design and then listens and modifies it until you get exactly what you want.