New Leather Accessories Ideas and Opinions...a Must!

As one of our Embrazio Advisory Team members was leaving the other night she made a comment that's stuck with me since; "you guys were unbelievably open to our feedback and suggestions.  I know that's hard when you've poured your heart and soul into the business and its products."

Embrazio's Advisory Team

My initial thought was that listening to feedback, good or bad, is exactly what we should be doing if we want to create the most outstanding leather accessories company in history...and we do!  We gathered a very diverse group of Boulderites with experience in fashion and/or retailing to give us an objective view of our products and our understanding of our target market.  We chose each individual very carefully based on our view of their interest, experience, and willingness to be forthright in their commentary.

We went through our entire product line and product roadmap as well as a detailed description of the target persona's we're targeting in the market.  The feedback we got was extraordinary over the 3 hours we were together.  We learned our general position with products and targeting is very strong but there are also some specific changes the group would like to see in a few of our existing products and they added new ideas we'd not considered to our product roadmap.  

The next session with this group will focus on our business model, sales channels, and marketing efforts as we seek to accelerate our growth and market penetration.  Given all of the gems that resulted from this first meeting, we're extremely excited to get their opinions and ideas on this next set of subjects.  In fact, we can hardly wait.

Whether it's leather accessories or something else, when you're growing a new business it's very easy to become so focused and passionate that you lose site of the bigger picture or miss some important cues the market is trying to send you.  Having a knowledgeable, trusted, and interested group of qualified folks to give you periodic check-ups and objective viewpoints along the way is a must.  We're thrilled to have this help and it's a great addition to the broader feedback we get from our retail partners and online customers each day.