Meet the Tasca

With the Tasca purse, we set out to create that special everyday bag you “just can’t be without.” Style, feel, and function had to come together such that each would enhance the other. Little did we know we were setting out on an adventure that would require over a year and a half of prototyping, many trips to Longmont and Leon, and more than just a few tequilas before we got it right! For example, we required leather that was so soft and supple that it would naturally wrap hip and thigh. We searched high and low before finally developing a unique sheepskin that met that criteria and was also structurally strong enough for everyday wear. Still, we weren’t sure it was the perfect solution until we wore our design around town and everyone who saw it wanted one. Mission accomplished!

Our polished zippers cost 5 times more than the normal zippers used in purses but we guarantee you’ll feel and love the difference when opening or closing the bag or when your hand brushes against it when you reach in to grab your keys. This same attention to detail runs throughout the Tasca purse from the clips we use, to the baroque leather lining the inside of our unique exterior phone case, to the structure of our cross body strap. All individually tested and selected and then tested again and again for fit as part of the whole.

Finally, we had to be able to deliver the Tasca purse at a price that would delight our Embrazio fans. In other words, give the great value people expect from our brand. Accomplishing this was quite a saga as well. We worked with our first factory for nearly a year to get to a perfect prototype only to be told that they couldn’t get anywhere near our agreed to target price. Stop, restart, go to Leon again, get creative. The second factory also met the quality target but could only make a small improvement in price. Stop, restart, go to Leon again, be even more creative. The third time did indeed become the charm and we found a factory that could meet all our targets and produce 25 units a week starting October 5, 2013. Another great result is that we now have a portfolio of top quality factories with each being better at doing certain types of products versus the other. Kinda like putting a team together. Our persistence has paid off and providence has shown us a way. We can't wait to get your reaction to this incredible purse!