We bit off a lot this Spring!

The addition of top designer Dee Arguelles to our virtual team has put a ton of energy and creativity into our new product pipeline.  As a result, we've loaded up our new product pipeline with lots of leather goodies.  The downside has been trying to keep so many balls in the air.  Here's what we have close to completion:  Tasca Medio (larger version of the Tasca bag), Messenger Bag, Clutch, Redesigned Piatto Satchelita to accommodate huge phones like the 6+, two versions of leather bracelets.  See what I mean? The good news is that, thanks in large part to our Leon based teammates, we're working through all the details.  Can't wait to get these great products into our customers hands.  In the meantime, we're taking a break and heading off to a garden party with a nice bottle of wine and a yellow Tasca!