I Demand FREEDOM - The Freedom to Move

Freedom! … the freedom to HAVE everything you really need WITHOUT BEING BURDENED by the bulk and weight of a big bag. As stated in a June 5, 2013, WallStreet Journal article "Small Handbags Are a Big Fashion Trend; No More Digging For the Cellphone." "With a lighter small bag, one avoids the muscle pain, headaches, misalignment that can be caused by carrying everything you or anyone else might need. We are not beasts of burden."  

The Stretta bag gives you that freedom to move.  The super soft Cabretta leather enables the bag to drape the body so when you move you don't feel the bag restricting you.   And for even more freedom of movement you can completely remove the crossbody strap and WEAR the bag on your belt ... removing the swing of a crossbody.

Yep - this is the perfect leather crossbody bag.