Wardrobe Recipe: The Perfect Cross Body Bag

Everyone talks about how much technology has changed our lives in just the past 10 or even 5 years but what have these changes meant for our wardrobe requirements?  

More specifically, what are the modern requirements for the "perfect cross body bag?"

Let's take a look from 3 key perspectives: fashion, functionality, and feel.  This way, we'll be getting a bag that looks fantastic, serves the needs of our current lifestyle, and feels great to touch and wear.  


Gone are the days of big bulky black bags that are meant to carry everything from diapers to dog collars.  We want a bag with the following 3 fashion "must haves"

1 - Eye catching detail - there are lots of ways to stand out from the crowd with a little attention to detail.  For example, the Stretta bag from Embrazio pictured above uses exposed zippers, wispy leather zipper pulls, and a thick designer tassel to turn heads your way.

2 - Premium Base Materials - the body of the bag should be made of high quality leather or fabric with a consistent and proportional structure.  After all, even the best detailing can't make up for a substandard base.

3 - Lots of Exciting Color Options - we hate finding a great bag that's not available in the color we need and few bags, with the possible exception of solid black or white, will fit in with every mood, look, or occasion.  


Here's where technology really has had an impact.  Today, we've got to have quick and easy access to our smartphone and....our smartphone keeps getting bigger and bigger.  We think your phone is the most frequently accessed item from your bag.  Embrazio handles this requirement using an attractive leather lined "phone sleeve" built into the exterior of the bag.  This provides quick and easy access and is secure/tight enough to hold the phone in even when the bag is upside down.  For the most secure carry, you can simply drop the phone into the larger zippered interior pocket.  

We also like the flexibility in smaller cross body bags to wear them as a hip bag so you can go "hands free" to fairs, festivals, happy hours, or wherever.  The hip bag configuration for the Stretta leather cross body bag is shown above.  You simply unclip the shoulder strap and feed any belt through the hidden channel in the back and, voila, you've got a convenient, attractive, and secure hip bag.


In this department, a soft rich feel and warm leather fragrance never go out of style.  If you want a bag that wraps your body, don't buy a stiff shiny bag.  Leather is softened via the tanning and tumbling process.  Softness is also a function of the original thickness of the hide.  So, when picking out a "perfect cross body bag," give some thought to how it feels to the touch and how it lays against your body in each configuration.  



With a little thought to fashion, functionality, and feel, you can get the perfect cross body bag without compromising on any dimension.  Make sure the fundamentals of high quality materials and construction are there first.  Then look to see that eye catching details and color options will be there to fit with each mood, look, and occasion you anticipate.  Finally, don't give up on great feel, the most underrated of the five senses.  The perfect bag is out there and we promise, you can have it all!