Leather Or Chocolate? A head to head competition!

I know, we just got done with Christmas and now it's time to start thinking about what to get her for Valentine's Day (or tell him what he should be getting you).  We considered this question and decided to make the case for buying leather accessories over chocolate.

Here's the top five reasons why a leather cross body bag or curved leather belt is your better option:

#5 She won't blame you for derailing her New Years resolution to get in shape

#4 She won't "re-gift" it

#3 She will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness

#2 She'll wear it and think of you often

#1 She'll think you may actually have some sense of style!

If you just can't decide after so many good reasons to buy her a bag or a belt, just do both and hide the chocolate inside for a double surprise!