Accidental Benefits of the Curved Genuine Leather Belt

The Original Curved Leather Belt - A Rider's Comfort

Okay, we all like to think we're smart and creative and most of us are.  However, every once in a while ya just get damn lucky.  Such is the case with our patented curved leather belt design.  Stephanie Boyles originally used the curve as part of her search for a perfect belt & smart phone case combination for riding her beautiful horse Vegas.  As a mathematician (actually a phd in topology), she calculated the curve at each belt size to flow up over the hips and down in back and front to follow the natural curves of the human body.  It was a huge hit with her friends at the stable and they quickly encouraged her to make a belt that would be just as comfortable but without the flange that accommodates the attachment of the smartphone holster.

Classico genuine leather curved belt by Embrazio

A Curved Leather Belt for the Broader Market

Once again our kitchen counter tops were turned into a designer's lab with T Squares, leather scraps, pattern cut outs and various other tools covering every inch.  The end result was an inch and a quarter curved leather belt we call The Curva.  We took the prototypes of the belt to local boutiques and that's when the "luck" occurred. 

Curved Genuine Leather Belt With Rivets by Embrazio

No Gapping At The Back Of Your Designer Jeans & Slacks

The first store we happened to call on sold high priced designer jeans among many other boutique type items.  The owner was wearing a pair of her favorite label jeans and gave our belt a try.  She immediately said, "this belt not only feels better than any belt I've worn, it actually lays flat across my back.  There's no gapping in the jeans!"  Not only didn't we realize the curve would have this effect, we had no idea how irritating and wide spread the problem of gapping really was.  It turns out you can look at any well worn belt that's been used with jeans and see how the belt loops have forced a depression in the belt. 

Expanding Our Line Of Genuine Leather Curved Belts

Since these first two designs, we've been rapidly expanding the number of different styles we offer.  We added double headed rivets to The Curva to add some pizzazz to create The Rivetti.  We then made a wider plain version in many different colors called The Lato and added distressed rivets to The Lato to create The Coperto.  All of our belts are 100% genuine leather and most of our buckles are solid brass.  Our most recent versions are hand finished with bees wax to give a deep luster and highlight the natural grain of the hide.  All are more comfortable & more flattering than straight belts and, of course, they eliminate gapping in your jeans/pants on the back.