On The Leather Road Again...

Embrazio Leather Bags & Belts Head To New England

Last week we hit the road again traveling to the Northeast to cold call on boutiques from Maine to Connecticut.  We started in Boston and then headed down the coast to Greenwich, CT and then north to Saratoga Springs.  While we've had some sales, they've not been as brisk as usual for two reasons.  First, we didn't realize just how busy retailers are in this region's short summer season.  Some stores are perfect fits with us but the owner is literally running from customer to customer so we just get a card with an email address and follow-up online.  Secondly, we learned that a big accessories show is happening at the same time of our visit in nearby NYC.  Oh well, you always learn when calling on customers and this trip is no different.

Reactions To Our Handmade Leather Bags And Belts

The good news is that the owners we are able to speak with universally love our patented curved genuine leather belts and squeezably soft uniquely styled leather bags.  As always, our patented curved belts surprise owners with their comfort and quality.  It's amazing how constantly we hear, "yeah, I can feel the difference, this is fantastic!"  Our challenge continues to be building enough brand awareness to create a high level of pull from the market.  We seem to be writing lots of orders for the holiday season right now and this time around we've stocked up plenty of inventory to meet demand....we hope!

All Work And No Play Wouldn't Create Exciting Designs

Of course, we're making sure to have lots of fun along the Leather Road!  Last night we caught a beautiful sunset and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Surf Restaurant in Portsmouth, NH.  We rose early this Sunday morning for the short drive to Portland, ME to explore and maybe do a little selling.  We've been struck by the absolute beauty of New England in the summer.  The forests are tall, green, and vast in stark contrast to the brown grasses and thirsty pines of the high plains desert surrounding Boulder this time of the year.  We've also been surprised by how sparsely populated the region seems to be outside of the major cities.  Lots of little villages and corner stores dot the countryside and we love the roadside fresh fruit stands and cozy coffeeshops.  In short, traveling is always a mind expanding and surprising venture and New England is no exception. Now, off to explore Portland, Maine!