Why Curve Your Leather Belts?

One of our favorite things to do is to get people to try on our patented handmade curved leather belts.  One someone first sees the "curve" they're usually intrigued or slightly underwhelmed.  We often hear comments like, "oh yeah, that's how my old belts look" or, "that's kinda how your body wants your belt to be right?"

In fact, Stephanie talked a server at one of our local favorites to give us his old leather belt that is pictured above.  You can see, after 20 years of wear and tear, this old belt finally assumed the shape of our belts when they're brand new.  "It's how your body wants your belt to be." 

In addition to the added comfort that comes from being shaped like your body, our curved mexican belts avoid the gapping at the middle of your back that occurs with straight belts when worn with jeans or slacks.  They're also more flattering as they slightly accentuate the hips and dip lower in front and back.

Once we get someone to actually try one on, they go from intrigued or underwhelmed to sold in a heartbeat.  We hear, "oh yeah, I can feel it" and "wow, those little curves make a lot of difference.


The question now is, how fast can we make straight belts obsolete?