3 Tips for Choosing High-Quality, Handmade Leather Belts

A great leather belt will meet you at the intersection of function and style. You just need to know what to look for when choosing your perfect belt. The right belt fits well. It gives you confidence. It also creates a statement that matches your lifestyle. A fine handmade belt feels and looks good. Here are a few more tips to guide you in the search for your best leather belt yet.

Lovely Leather

There’s nothing quite like premium leather to appeal to the senses. The aroma of rich, earthy, genuine leather is irresistible to leather lovers. For some, the scent alone conjures images of adventure, nature, and open spaces. Desirable hides that are super supple to the touch equal leather that feels luxurious and comforting.

Your leather belt should be just the right thickness, but it should also be able to move and bend gracefully with you. It shouldn’t crack or become brittle. Let yourself be swept away in the beauty of fine leather. Custom leather belts should feel personal—not like you picked one out from a mass-production assembly line. The perfect leather belt has a classic, old-world feel, yet it’s suitable for your modern lifestyle.

Genuine Innovation

What if your genuine leather belt fits better than your jeans do? It might be time to find new jeans then! But back to belts: The best handmade belts form a curve that’s specifically shaped to the natural contours of your body. Your curved belt should rest perfectly on your body. Custom leather belts designed to sit slightly higher over your hips and subtly move down in front and back will look and feel seamless on your waist and hips.

These curved, handmade custom belts should wrap around in a subtle s-curve. The result is a belt that offers a perfect fit with none of the gapping, tugging, pulling, or pinching that typically occurs with a standard straight belt or even some c-shaped belts. A form-fitting belt will change the way you think about fashion and function. We want our clothes and shoes to fit and flatter our bodies; we should expect the same from our belts.

Superb Craftsmanship

About 90% of all leather goods manufactured in the Northern Hemisphere come from Leon, Mexico, one of the country’s largest cities. The city’s long history of leather production has earned it a solid reputation for making high-quality products.

Some of the best brands focus on quality over quantity and choose small-scale, highly-skilled leather artisans in Leon to produce their products. Hand-stitched details and fully-riveted embellishments add another layer of craftsmanship to full-grain, single-strap custom belts. Custom buckles and hand-stitched belt keepers are other details to pay attention to when choosing your genuine leather belt. Like fine wines, premium, handmade leather belts only get better with age.

About Embrazio

Embrazio is a leather accessories company based in Boulder, Colorado. The brand distinguishes itself by bringing innovative and thoughtful design to products made with exceptional materials and superb craftsmanship to meet the needs of modern lifestyles. The 8-year-old company creates fashionable, high-quality leather accessories for the confident, bold, and timelessly stylish wardrobe. The handcrafted products can be purchased on Embrazio’s website or in the over 200 boutiques that carry Embrazio’s handmade leather goods listed on their website. Embrazio’s leather products, including curved belts, handmade leather bags, leather phone holsters, and a wide selection of jewelry, are manufactured in Leon, Mexico, which is where about 90% of all leather goods in the Northern Hemisphere are made.

Learn more about Embrazio’s custom leather belts and other genuine leather goods at www.embrazio.com