"Good Morning Texas" Segment on Embrazio Curved Leather Belts



"Good Morning Texas" www.WFAA/gmt August 6th segment featured Embrazio's "new belt that is designed to make you look thinner." Carrie McClure interviewed Embrazio Co-Founder, Stephanie Boyles, to check out Embrazio's curved leather belt.  Sporting the belt herself, she remarked "it's really comfortable and you can tell it's well made."

Carrie: How did you come up with the idea?  

Stephanie: We were looking for belts for horse riders that fit perfectly and started thinking about it.  We realized "Your body’s not a barrel." "Your body has curves."  "How do you make a belt that works with your curves?"  Embrazio's belt is unique in that it goes down in the front, up over the hips and down in the back.  As a result it does not press into your hips and it does not have that annoying gap in the back.  Just like the clothes from the 40s, the shape of the belt makes one appear thinner.

Carrie:  Your belts are made with top quality leather, right?

Stephanie:  It all begins with the leather.  Leather is not leather.  We want those hides that are perfect, that are super supple, that called to be touched, that have that incredible smell, and get better with age.

Carrie:  You have purses here so you have broken out from just belts.

Stephanie:  We started looking around and noticed that there are some products that are fashion oriented, some have great quality leathers, some are function oriented - but not all three.  Our concept is that we offer products with all three. All our products have the finest leathers, on trend fashion and function with an attention to the needs of today’s lifestyle, like the exterior cell phone pocket on our little buttery soft sheepskin Tasca bag. 

Carrie:  The quote on the back of Embrazio's hang tag, is that is your philosophy for life.  

Stephanie:  It really sort of is.  That Jack Kerouac quote "Be in love with your life, every minute of it" says it.  My partner and I worked in the corporate world for years. Now we have Embrazio. Such a new adventure. Creating these beautiful accessories. Working with talented and hardworking artisans from Leon, Mexico. Traveling all over the US to meet with boutique owners with the intention of delivering those products that people really want.