Curved Leather Coperto Belt Highlighted by Elite Equestrian

Highlighted by Elite Equestrian in their Holiday Gift Guide, Elite Equestrian says Embrazio Reinvents the Belt with the “Curva”.

Making it’s stellar debut this year, Stephanie Boyles & Scott Schaefer created EMBRAZIO with a simple but very appealing concept in mind … “develop authentic high quality leather accessories that include design elements addressing the needs of a modern lifestyle.” Their patented “CURVA” curved leather belts are redefining the industry standard as this duo understands how to take the classic and add modern convenience.

Introducing the “Curva” belt – Embrazio brings you the first fundamental improvement in women’s and men’s belt design in the past hundred years. Embrazio’s curved belts are shaped to fit the natural contours of your body. Designed to come a little higher over your hips and slightly moving down in front and back, the belt sits perfectly on your body. No gapping, pulling, pinching or tugging that occurs with your standard straight belt. It is available in four basic styles with lots of color options. The result is a look, fit and feel that’s noticeably better than straight belts. Embrazio was awarded a patent for this elegant design in January of this year and are certain this natural design may just make straight belts obsolete.