All Types of Curves: Mackenzie from Kenzywho?

How many times have you put on a belt, adjusted it to your waist size, and bent over only to have the belt jab into your sides and leave a big gap in the back. If you haven't dealt with this then consider yourself lucky! I for one, got to the point where I preferred to not wear a belt and hike up my pants constantly rather than deal with uncomfortable belts. Until I found Embrazio's curved belt. This belt was a total game changer. This belt is designed to follow the curves of a body in a way that it doesn't jab into your sides or leave that unsightly gap in the back. Each belt size is cut differently to ensure a perfect fit! We love how Mackenzie from Kenzywho? wrote about our patented belts from two different perspectives. From a straighter, taller body type and a curvier, shorter body type. She wrote about how comfortable it is for her and also her friend with more curves. She noticed that the belt was comfy even when they were climbing up into trees for photo ops! Check out her photos and her blog post here