Three Great Gifts for Him and Her You Haven't Thought Of

Holiday gift guides can quickly become as mesmerizing as a mile long sting of traffic cones in the dead of night on a lonely stretch of highway. One gift idea rolls into another, then another, then another, well, you get the point. That’s why this year’s guide from us is limited to just 6 ideas … 3 for him and 3 for her (although several of these ideas could win with any gender).
No one knows your gift recipient like you do so, to make it even easier, these ideas are broken into 3 categories: something to play with, something to taste, and something for lookin’ good. Hopefully, one of those categories feels like just the right fit for the person you want to wow. So, let’s get to it then. Here’s the great gift ideas for 2023:

Something to play with:

For Him

Okay some guys may not be golfers, but many are, and this idea was sooo cool we just couldn’t pass it up. Even if your guy (or gal for that matter) doesn’t golf, maybe this idea will inspire you to personalize some other item they do love. With this gift, found at, contains 24 monogrammed golf balls, ball marking and divot fixing tool, and a nice golf towel in either black or blue. You can have lots of fun coming up with just the right monogram so think beyond a name. How about some of our favs: OOPS!, Oh Sh*t, I Hate This Game. These will be great conversation starters at the 19th hole as fellow golfers come upon your errant shot and attempt to return the lost ball!

For Her

If she’s the type of gal that loves a good tarot card reading or stops you on the sidewalk to sit down with the local fortune teller, the Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook might be just the thing. Coupling the characteristics of members of the animal kingdom with the mysticism of card reading and fortune telling, this fun and insightful game/activity will entertain for hours. Found at, she’ll appreciate your depth of thought with this gift, and you’ll find it’s a great party activity or just fun for the two of you on winter nights with some warm tea and candlelight. Have fun and get ready to be surprised!

Something to taste:

For Her:
legal seafoods lobster gift

Oh baby, is she gonna love this lobster! Dig into New England’s most famous food delights with two tails, lobster mac and cheese, and two cups of clam “chowdah.” You’ll want to compliment this amazing dinner with a buttery Chardonnay or crisp Sav Blanc and both are best served with candlelight and a little Sinatra playing softly in the background. Oh yeah, the 4 artisan rolls, and garlic butter you see are provided as well. All can be found and purchased at

For Him:
bourbon and cigars gift for men

Yeah, we know, it’s the highest priced gift listed so far but we promise we have a leather tote coming up for her that’s in the same range and it will last a hell of a lot longer. Watch his eyes light up when he see’s you’ve gotten him the Bundle/Blanton’s + Weller Gift Set. This likely won’t make it to New Year’s Eve unless he keeps it all to himself. From left to right you’ve got a fine Gurkha cigar to be enjoyed with either the Weller Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey or the Albert Bacon Blanton Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey in your special perfectly shaped bourbon glass (engraving optional). These and more liquid treats can be found at

Something for looking good:

For him:
leather backpack for men

Replace that ugly neoprene carabiner laden college kid backpack with functional and fashionable leather backpack that quietly conveys the confident profession persona he deserves. Hell, once he starts “showing up” with this Embrazio backpack there’s a good chance he’ll upgrade his other attire including those shoes that you can hardly look at anymore. Brick by brick you’ll build a fashionable man! The founders of Embrazio spent decades as tech execs. so they’ve thought through and tested the bag to ensure there’s a perfect spot for everything from passports to ear buds. Their careful attention to quality and detail show from every angle and it starts with the premium leather and solid brass front closure to make the bones of the bag. Find it and other handmade leather products at (and you won’t find it on Amazon!).

For Her:
tote gifts for her

Speaking of other handmade leather products, here’s the beautiful Semplice Leather Tote also made by Embrazio. This is the 3rd edition of Embrazio’s take on this classic bag women love for travel or just everyday around town. It features the premium leathers and attention to detail Embrazio is known for. Speaking of details, check out the architectural top cut of the bag and perfectly sized straps that comfortably accommodate even a winter coat and don’t slip off your shoulder. The bag comes with a snap closure to secure your items in the overhead airplane bin or elsewhere and an attached key ring inside for quick access to keys as you head to your car. Currently available in 5 nearly eatable colors with a rich leather fragrance to match. The best part is she’ll love it even more as it takes on additional character with age and wear.

In Summary

Really hoping that you’ve found a gift idea among these 6 that is perfect for that perfect someone in your life. If not one of these specific items, then maybe one of the listed ideas has inspired you to think of just the right thing in a different category. In any case, given that you’ve put enough thought into it already by taking the time to read this article says you’re gonna hit a gifting home run this year for sure!

Scott Schaefer is co-founder of Embrazio, a leather accessories and jewelry manufacturer in Boulder, CO. Scott has been working in the leather industry for over 12 years with his wife and partner, Stephanie Boyles. Together, they have patented a curved leather belt design that eliminates “gapping” and pulling in the back of your belt.