Embrazio Jewelry ... Even Better When Layered

Embrazio's Infinite Soul Collection - graceful and warm in its mixture of pearls, metals and now pyrite - was designed with layering in mind.  Particularly delicious is the combination of the Coco and the Marcella necklaces.  Each necklace by itself is lovely.

The Coco with Cascading Pearls:

The Marcella:

Worn together the strands of pearls sweep left and right providing an exquisite statement piece.

With the addition of the Gabriella and the pyrite rosary chain necklaces (Emily, Bree and Gwyneth) so many more great layering options  emerge.  

The Gabriella with Gold Pyrite Rosary Chain and Buddha medallion:

The Emily with Gold Pyrite Rosary Chain

The Gwyneth with Gold Pyrite Rosary Chain

Looking to turn heads?  Wear all three.

We have so many options (it drives Scott crazy).   Reach out if you want to find a combination that would work just perfectly for you. 

Stephanie  https://embrazio.com/pages/contact