Embrazio Named "Best Iphone Case"

We're thrilled that the team at Mr. Tech Magazine included Embrazio's Sottile Satchelita on their list of top leather phone holsters

Here is a nice excerpt from the Article: 

Embrazio might not be the cheapest on the list, but they are certainly the best. They are designed like a holster that you can wear on your belly. The leather design gives your wild west feeling and adds class to your overall look.

While it is highly protective for your phone, you can also use these phone wallets to store other small things like cards, paper cash, or keys.

We work hard on designing products that not only look great, but help you live your life. Our phone holsters are a testament that beauty and function can truly work hand in hand. We don't do the work for the accolades, but it's always nice when people do recognize the work we put in. We're so grateful as always!

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