Red White and Blue Gift Ideas - FashionsHolics

We were included in FashionHolics red, white and blue gift guide ahead of the fourth of July. The guide goes over great patriotic gifts and they mention our excellent selection of leather colors! We're thrilled to be included in such patriot company.

From the article...

With office casual getting every more casual and the sustaining popularity of classic jeans, belts are almost always a part of our everyday ensemble. But, how often do you see a selection of red, white, and blue custom handmade leather belts? ... In addition to the deep rich luster & color of these leather beauties, they have a patented curved shape – a belt type that Embrazio has patented and perfected – that fits comfortably with the natural contours of the body to give a more slimming look and to eliminate “gapping” in the back.

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