Embrazio Photoshoot 2016

The week of August 20, 2016, was quite the week for Embrazio.  4 models, 1 photographer, 1 videographer, and all 3 Embrazio executives competing for airtime.  It was the best photoshoot so far.  And it was super fun!  

Savannah and I spent the entire week before the shoot planning outfits.  We had models - Hannah Waldner, Karena Garabedian, Brian Rigby - come by to put together just the right clothes for the shoot.  Fortunately for me, Savannah is very aware of style trends and when I suggested that army green jumpsuit from the 90's it got nixed.  We had struggled before with wanting to have lifestyle shots of all the bags and not having them work with the colors of the outfits.  Savannah came up with this idea.  Dress Hannah in all white.  Dress Karena in all black.  Then we can shoot all the dark bags with Hannah and all the light bags with Karena.  That worked great!

My friend, and the maid of honor at our wedding 27 years ago, Valerie Palmer, flew in from Ft. Lauderdale for 8 days to be the photographer.  Valerie is a photographer extraordinaire.  And spreading the photoshoot prep and execution over the entire week was definitely the way to go.  We spent the first day scouting out locations, checking the light at certain times of day and having Savannah pose for the shots.  

Then the photoshoot itself took place over a Tuesday and a Thursday morning.  Spreading it out like this enabled us to check all the shots after the first day and decide what needed to be done to get the complete set on the second.  Valerie took 2300 shots!!! 

Throughout the shoot, Paige Smith, Freshman at DU majoring in film shot video.  When she pulled together this video we were amazed at what a great job she did.  She captured not only the looks but also the joy of the experience.  

When you hear that saying "Do what you love" I can say in this week I did.