BRIDGETTE Baroque Pearl Double-strand Necklace with Tassel Embellishment

$ 184.00
Color: Bronze with Cascading Pearl Tassel

Graceful and warm in its mixture of pearls and metals, the piece adds a little elegance with edge to any ensemble.  

Part of Embrazio's Infinite Soul Collection - a Matinee length Pearl and Metal Necklace with Amulet Medallion or Cascading Pearls tassel that is truly a work of art.

- total length is approximately 27" (varies slightly from chain to chain)

- handmade with a unique mix of natural elements including bronze | pewter | brass, brass, steel, leather, and AA quality baroque grey pearls

- chain with strand of pearls

- pearl strand with 3 pearl and solid bronze or pewter medallion tassel, or cascading pearls tassel

- wide ranging adjustability via our custom bronze s-clasp and rolo chain

This handmade pearl and metal necklace with pearl and amulet medallion tassel is one of our most popular elements within the Infinite Soul Collection.  The necklace offers easy adjustment with Embrazio's custom brass s-clasp. 

Power, grace and style come together in this unique piece of wearable art.  

Customer Reviews

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Susan H.
Sparkle and Spice

I LOVE my Tocco (sparkle platinum) leather necklace AND my Bridgette Baroque necklace! Incredibly unique and goes everywhere! My friends know I am a special jewelry aficionado and these two do not disappoint - and there are so many more pieces to select from! 😀

So very happy you love your Embrazio items and thank you for taking the time to let us and others know what you think via a review!

All the best,

Scott & Stephanie

Carol's Corner
the best!

i’d go with 10!stars. everything about these beauties scream Gorgeous- Well made- unique, i could go on…. but i’ll never convey what gems these are

Thank you Carol for your kind words. They mean a lot. Stephanie

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