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Classico Curved Handmade Leather Belt

$ 25.00 $ 79.00
Color: Coffee

The Classico Belt fits like a fine pair of leather gloves. We started with function and designed for form to create this very sexy and secure high quality s-curved leather belt. The innovative use of small metallic squares on the side and bottom of the left hand side of the belt have a unique and distinctive look and they allow the Satchelita, or any other item with a clip, to be attached and worn in multiple ways. We personally selected and imported the finest leather and hardware to ensure this belt just gets better with time and wear. Feel the embrace of the Embrazio Classico belt as it hugs your hip.


Classico Belt: 1 3/4" wide

S/M belt:  Typically fits someone who wears a size 25-27 pair of jeans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Love it! This is the coolest belt ever and it looks awesome with jeans

Lovely belt

I love the Embrazio curved belts. They fit very well. I own two of them and enjoy wearing with them all the time.

So glad you're loving the curve and thank you so much for your business and for your very kind review!

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