Classico Handmade Leather Satchelita Phone Holster

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$ 56.00 $ 64.00
Color: Black

The Classico Satchelita, an all leather phone holster, lays cleanly and comfortably against your body whether on your waist, hip or thigh. We looked all over for a high-quality leather phone holster that could carry any size smartphone plus a few other essential items; license, money, credit cards, key ... and still be low profile. The only thing that came close was a synthetic pouch with a velcro closure.

The Embrazio Classico Satchelita looks great on any belt and is designed to last and love for a lifetime. Plus, you can simply clip it to a loop on your jeans or a ring on your purse. Lots of attention to detail concerning quality and function. For example, we sew a layer of high strength nylon in-between 2 layers of leather on the closure belt to ensure the holes stay nice and tight for the life of the holster. Why buy something synthetic every year or two when you can get a beautiful leather Satchelita that enables you to carry your smartphone fashionably for many years? 


  • REGULAR - 5 7/8" high, 3" wide, and 7/8" deep
    • fits phones the size of the iPhone Mini WITH a CASE.. too small for larger phones 
  • SMALL - 5 1/4" high, 3" wide, and 1/2" deep
      • fits phones the size of the iPhone Mini WITHOUT a CASE.. too small for larger phones 

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