AQUA Dragon Skin Agate Stretchy NAUTILUS SHELL Bracelet

$ 125.00

Designed from premium quality dragon skin agate barrel beads and embellished with elements that harken to the sea, wearing these bracelets make you feel like you are on vacation.  

Dragon skin agate resembles the skin of a dragon in appearance.  The beads themselves are a light blue turquoise overlayed with veinings in varying shades of coffee brown.  The rounded barrel shape of the beads provides a sensual feel.

Enhanced with a Nautilus Shell bead of 14K gold plated alloy strung in-line with the dragon skin agate beads

All bracelets come with a custom rounded cube silver or gold plated stainless steel bead inscribed with the embrace of the Embrazio logo.

Wear alone or with two, three, four or all five for fresh look and delicious feel.  These bracelets are a slip-on, easy to wear accessory that you will find yourself wanting to wear every day.

- 7.5 inch stretchy bracelet

Handcrafted in USA.

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