Belt Buckle - Horseshoe

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$ 10.00
Color: Antique Brass

This custom-designed buckle feels delightful and lays flat against the body. 

Stephanie worked with a true artisan - Rodrigo - from the premium Mexico City hardware company Vedia to perfect this design.  "Once you start really looking at buckles you begin to see the details you'd love in something you touch so often.  The shape needs to be rounded not only on the top edge but also on the bottom edge so that it feels delicious to the touch.  It cannot be feel thick and bulky or too thin and cheap.  The tongue should be constrained at the bar so that it doesn't move from side to side in a wonky fashion.  And I wanted the end of the tongue to look like a little snake head so that it easily moves through the holes in the belt.  Rodrigo used 3 types of advanced 3d modeling software to work with me to develop this design.  Artistic, exceedingly knowledgeable, and more patient than I could believed, Rodrigo was such a pleasure to work with."  Stephanie

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