Piatto Satchelita Handmade Leather Phone Holster

$ 39.00 $ 64.00
Color: Black

Looking for a handmade leather phone case for your iPhone Mini or other smaller phone? The Piatto Satchelita is our answer. The Piatto can be worn on your belt the or carried as a stand-alone pouch.  It features a slightly longer cover lid and belt holes for size adjustment.

The belt loop in the back is designed a bit wider so the Piatto can be adjusted to fit comfortably even when you have your seatbelt on.  The REGULAR will hold an iPhone Mini WITH an additional case on the phone.  The SMALL is ideal for the new flip phones.  Interior sleeves will carry all your essentials such as license, money, credit cards, key, and business cards.  


  • REGULAR - 5 7/8" high, 3" wide, and 7/8" deep ... fits phones the size of the iPhone Mini  or iPhone SE
  • SMALL - 5 1/4" high, 3" wide, and 1/2" deep ... fits new flip phones, e.g., Nokia V Flip, Kyocera Dora XE Epic, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Motorola RAZR, AT&T Cingular Flip N

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Byrne
Check Their Products Out

I bought a beautiful leather belt and carrying case for my phone. They are really good looking and functional as well. I would highly recommend you check their products out.

Bob Zimmerer
Love the Quality and Durability

I've owned one of the cell phone belt 'holsters' for years and love the quality and durability of the product. I never thought I'd wear my phone on my belt again, but this has changed my mind. The design is great, very flexible, and doesn't ever feel like its going to tear off or press into me when I sit down into the car bucket seats! Overall a terrific product from a terrific new company. I'll definitely be buying another for my new devices that need a bigger case!

Leticia Mojica
Great quality

Beautiful designs. Great quality.

Bradley Beck
Awesome is how I would describe my Piatto Satchelita

Awesome is how I would describe my Piatto Satchelita phone case in black. The belt loop in the back is designed a bit wider so it fits all my belts and the best part is that I have had this case for several years now and it functions great. I have had other phone cases yet none as good as this from Embrazio. It is well made and holds up. A great value for the money. – Bradley Beck

Mike Doscher
Can Now Get to My Phone on the 2nd Ring

Like many people I was having a hard time digging an iPhone 6 out of my pocket. Especially when it has an cover and you are sitting in a car or a restaurant. I needed a solution that was not ugly and still functional. I purchased one of the Embrazio phone cases and a new belt. The products were very high quality and attractive accessories, in my humble opinion.

What is more important I can now get my phone out on the second ring. I no longer look like I am going through some kind of perverted dance to the sound of an iPhone ring tone. Great product and great people at Embrazio.

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