"Get a New Bag, Lose Five Pounds"

Embrazio Handmade Leather Crossbody Stretta Bag

"Smaller Handbags are a Big Fashion Trend"

This assertion was made by Elizabeth Holmes in a Wall Street journal piece. wsj.com/articles/smallhandbags   Per Holmes, women are fed up with lugging around lots of stuff. 

Take Just the Essentials

The bigger the bag, the bigger the temptation to carry all your stuff, plus everyone else's.  People are now turning to just the essentials: a cellphone, keys, an ID and a credit or debit card and a lipstick.

A Smaller Bag Has Advantages

1) You can find what you need right away, you don't have to dig for it.

2) Heavy handbags can cause muscle pain, headaches and, in the long term, arthritis.

3) Small bags often have fashion-forward colors, shapes and hardware, because their size makes them less likely to look garish.