Retailers Rock Our Genuine Handmade Leather Belts and Handbags!

Posh owner Lynn Williams with Embrazio leather accessories co-founder Stephanie Boyles

Boutique owners, like Lynn Williams of Posh in Vero Beach pictured above with Stephanie, are a primary reason Embrazio is a growing and expanding brand.  We treasure each retail partner because without them it'd be almost impossible to get the message out about our handmade leather belts and purses.  It is only with their willingness to take a risk on a new and relatively unknown line like ours that we are able to reach customers across the US.

We began selling our small line of curved leather belts and cell phone cases at local shows in Colorado.  It quickly became clear to us that if we wanted to be a business instead of a fun hobby, we needed to find a much faster and pervasive way into the market.  So, we started cold calling stores around Boulder and Denver.  It wasn't long before we learned there's a great match between new brands and boutiques.  They're looking for high quality products that their very discerning clients won't find elsewhere in the area and we're looking for ways to get our products in front of customers and generate quick cash flow to support our growth.

Boutiques typically pay with credit cards or checks so no accounts receivable management necessary.  They're also quick to give us guidance on the direction our products should go and they fill us in on emerging fashion trends and needs.  In return, we give them high quality stylish products, great customer service, and local exclusivity with our line.  

Because of this mutually supportive partnership, we've now more than quadrupled the amount of handmade genuine leather handbags, belts, cell phone cases, and now even offer a new line of leather bracelets.  We're in over 115 stores all across the country and hope to get that number up to 200 stores by the end of the year.  We couldn't come close to that level of growth without the help and support of wonderful boutique owners willing to trust us in front of their customers.  We love and are so grateful for each and every one of these relationships!