Why We Love Leather!


Few materials have stood the test of time like leather.  In fact, its hard to think of anything used to make clothing that came before leather, except perhaps the fig leaf!  Realizing this wonderful material is still at the center of the fashion world today is really quite amazing.

So what is it about leather that has enabled it to stand the test of time?  Here's a few things we love about leather that may be a big part of answering that question:

Durability - if you properly condition leather, it should last a very, very long time.

Improves Over Time - think about your favorite leather jacket or boots or pair of gloves.  The longer you wear them, the more comfy they feel and the richer they look.  This is because the oil in your hands makes the leather more supple and facilitates the coloring of the leather, along with other things you touch, over time.  

It's Eco-Friendly - certain chemicals and dyes are used in the tanning process but far less are used than in the process of creating most synthetic materials.  In addition, leather is bio-degradable.

Versatility - There's just not much that can't be created with leather.  Furniture, cloths, shoes, saddles, book covers, and on and on.  There are so many different types of leathers, each with its own physical characteristics, that its easy to find a perfect leather for each application.  Whether you'd like a soft driving leather or a stiff and sturdy saddle, there's a leather for you. 

Appeals to All Senses - leather doesn't just look great, it's warm and inviting to the touch, smells fantastic, and it even sounds good when rubbing against itself.  Put some high end leather chaps on and then settle into a motorcycle seat or horse saddle and you can almost hear the fit as the two leathers comfort to each other.

At Embrazio, we feel like we've just touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can do with the different leathers we've found in Leon.  We work with master tanners whose skills and techniques have been built up over many generations.  Add to that the potential to mix in colorful fabrics and metals and the possibilities are endless.  

Still, it all starts with great leather!