S-Curved Belt Patent Status

S-curved Belt Design Patent Filed

On December 17th, we successfully filed a Design Patent for our S-curved belt!  We're very excited to bring this well-fitting and flattering product to market.

A belt comprising a band (1) made of leather or another material having substantially the same stiffness and a buckle (2) for mutually engaging the ends of said band (1), is characterized in that the band (1) is shaped to curve up over the hips and down in back so that it rides more comfortably on the wearer’s body and enhances the look of the wearer.  Most belts are straight, gaping in the back and on the sides when worn below the waist.  Some belts strive to be more anatomically correct by having a frustoconical shape.  Our S-curved belt goes one step further than the frustoconical-shaped belt by coming back down in the back, thus completely conforming to the shape of the human form.