Boutiques: "Where The Treasures Are!"

Retail Clothing Boutiques Fill A Special Niche

Embrazio leather accessories are now carried by over 160 retail boutiques across the country and that number is growing.  How can that be?  If you listen to the talking heads on any financial news network, you're bound to hear that retail is dead and anything brick and mortar will soon be eclipsed by Amazon ... if it hasn't been already.  Well, we can assure you from our travels across the country that retail clothing boutiques are here to stay because they fill a special niche that Amazon and other big retail chains just can't serve.

Lulu's Boutique in Bend, OR

Leather Accessories at Lulu's Boutique in Bend Oregon

 As is true with all broad brush statements like "brick and mortar retail is dead," there are important exceptions to prevailing opinions and proclamations.  For example, Home Depot just announced another stellar quarter as Amazon just isn't suited to shipping big heavy items nor do they provide the in-person customer service and advice you can get at HD while stuck in the middle of some home improvement project. Target and Walmart still thrive despite free two day shipping at Amazon mainly because these two are also growing their online presence while still offering a low cost and convenient in person shopping experience. 

An Experience You'll Find Nowhere Else

Similar characteristics exist with retail clothing boutiques that we believe will allow them to be great elements of our communities for years to come.  Now, like all businesses, there are good, not so good, and even bad boutiques.  In today's environment, only the good to great will survive.  In that group, we've noticed the following common characteristics that help these stores not only survive, but thrive:

1 - ... a hands-on owner who loves working with customers.  This may be the most important element and one that is always there in a great boutique.  Just drop by Down To Earth in Newberry, FL and see owner Gina Fox at work or visit Click Shoes in Chicago and watch Paula Eisen style up her customers.  These are just two of the many amazing owners who carry Embrazio leather accessories that we've observed with awe and admiration at how well they serve their customers and, in turn, their businesses.

Down To Earth Boutique in Newberry, FL

Leather Bags at Down To Earth Boutique


Click Shoes & More in Chicago, IL 

Click Shoes and More


2 - ... a well curated and presented selection of products, most of which can't be found in big box stores or via online discounters.  Finding these unique products is what one owner told us "creates that thrill of the hunt fun" for her customers.  You'll find wonderful one of a kind items at La Ree Boutique in Bellevue, Washington.  Check out the treasures Pam & Karen provide at California Co-op in Chicago and Ft. Meyers or the special gems Sara curates at Chrysalis in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park to see what we mean.

La Ree Boutique in Bellevue, WA

 Leather bags and leather belts and leather bracelets

California Co-op in Chicago, IL

Handmade leather belts at California Coop boutique


Chrysalis in Estes Park, CO 

Handmade leather belts and bags in Chrysalis boutique

3 - ... a social gathering spot and experience.  If you swing by Luna Chics in Exeter, NH, or visit Soles by Warren in Woodland Hills and Agoura Hills, CA, or Saetia Shop in Edmunds, WA, you'll find regular customers in the store several times a week there just to visit and check out what's new.  We love an owner that can create that vibe and that level of customer loyalty, it's just amazing.  

 Luna Chics in Exeter, NH

Handmade Leather Purses at Luna Chicks boutique


Soles by Warren in Woodland Hills, CA


Saetia Shop in Edmunds, WA

Handmade leather belts and bags

I wish I could include a shout out to each of our retail boutique partners because they are all very special with owners who make their boutique a unique, valuable, and lasting component of our community. They understand that their customers come in for more than just a product.  They want a fun, personalized, and positive experience that no big box store or online retailer can emulate.  Retail boutiques that deliver on that need will find customers hungry for what they're serving and a rich and fulfilling business for themselves.  

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