Embrazio's Media Cross Body - A Leather Purse for All Occasions

Size Matters With Leather Bags

We first introduced our small leather cross body bag, the Tasca, in 2013.  This little colorful bag got rave reviews from the "carry only what I need crowd."  With side gussets, a leather lined phone sleeve, and 2 zippered pockets, the Tasca actually carried quite a bit and, it turns out, was the maximum size allowed into college and professional sports stadiums across the country.  Perhaps the peak of this bag's popularity was reached when it was featured on the cover of Rachael Ray's 2015 Holiday Buying Guide.   That was just before the 6+ sized phones were introduced which, unfortunately, didn't fit inside the external phone sleeve.  This increase in phone sizes is what led us to redesign our small cross body into the Stretta and it's larger sister, the Media.

Small Leather Cross Body Bag and Hip Bag 

The Handmade Genuine Leather Media Bag Carries More

The Stretta was a great evolution from the Tasca in that it allowed us to implement several changes we'd been wanting to make.  Namely, we upgraded our bag leathers from sheepskin to goatskin, a much more durable material, made it a bit bigger to accommodate the + sized phones, added a removable tassel, and we added a channel in the back so you can wear it as a hip bag.  Still, the Stretta wasn't big enough for everyone.  

Handmade Genuine Leather Cross Body Purse

We heard from several current and prospective customers that they couldn't find a larger leather cross body on the market that was light enough to carry all day.  Knowing our new Capretta leather was ultra light, we set about designing a larger version of the Stretta style without the option to wear as a hip bag due to it's increased size.  After our usual process of lots of prototypes, testing, and retesting, we settled on the Media that we sell today in seven vibrant colors.  Our Capretta leather gives the bag a lusciously soft touch, the toughness and durability for daily wear, and brings the bag in at 10.5 ounces in weight.  You can go even lighter if you wish by removing the tied on tassel. 

Testimonials Tell The Tale

Since introducing the Media, we've heard over and over again from fans how much they love this light leather treasure.  Customers are surprised by how much the bag can carry, how hard it is to scratch, and how easy it is to clean.  Perhaps our favorite testimonial came from my own sister Stacey who works all day as a sonogram technician.  She told us that she's often exhausted by the time she heads for a quick lunch and usually forgets she has her bag on when sitting down to eat because its so light.  "I love this bag!" was a great summary of her feedback and, believe me, she'd tell us straight away if there was something she didn't like about the Media.

Mid-Sized Handmade Leather Cross Body Bag

Next Steps Are Some Cow Leather Cross Bodies

We're now contemplating a similar line of cross bodies in cow skin while continuing to grow the color range of our existing Stretta and Media cross bodies.  One challenge will be to get the same vibrancy in color with the cow as we can with the goat.  We've got our tannery hard at work to produce some options we can hopefully introduce this year.  In the meantime, we've got the size and color of the light cross body you're looking for.  Please stay tuned for more....