The People Make A Place

Scott's Mom, Marcia Schaefer, is well known for her oft used phrases of wisdom like "nature abhors a vacuum" or "measure twice, cut once." One of her favorites came to mind while we visited retailers in Portland, Oregon this week, a city neither of us had been to in many years.  Mom always says, "The People Make A Place."  We surely felt the love in Portland with folks saying "hope you enjoy our city" and "welcome to our town" at almost every turn.  One of the first stops we made was to visit the beautiful Alma, owner of Soho Boutique at 1605 NE Broadway in Portland. Not your typical sales call as we ended with big hugs, lots of smiles and the warm feeling of a great friendship in the making.  

Little did we know that the warmth of the people in Portland would continue throughout the week even with retailers that didn't end up carrying Embrazio (at least for the time being!).  We'll be showing more pics on our FB page from this trip but wanted to blog about it right away and publicly thank all who made this visit so memorable.  As usual, mom's right, the people really do make a place and in this case a very special town indeed.