Leather Accessories Are All About The Details

We're nearing our largest release of new leather accessories at the end of October and we can't wait.  Each product continues to surprise us in terms of the amount of detailed design and supplier coordination necessary to truly bring something to the market worthy of our team and our customers.  For example, the Tasca Capretta shown in this post required multiple runs of leather samples from the tannery, custom hardware dies, original braid, new zipper selection, and on and on.  Each time we consider a change of design or material it evokes long discussion and debate and a rework of cost and price calculations.  Now that we're near release time, we've once again confirmed to each other that it IS all really worth it!  Now we're ready to bring our new babies to the market and watch 'em grow.  We're so happy we poured our heart and soul into every product and sweat each detail along the way!