The All Important Photo Shoot

We learned in the very early days of building Embrazio as a premium leather accessories company the critical importance of having excellent product and lifestyle photos taken by the very best photographers we could find.  Not only are these images essential to building confidence and credibility with potential customers considering an on online purchase but many of our retail partners appreciate having our pics available to them for their own advertisements and promotions.  We provide our photos free of charge to our retailers and also offer to resize them according to the specific needs they have.

Getting to a set of photographers and videographers we love and have fun working with has been much like sifting through various factories and tanneries to assemble virtual teammates to create the best leather belts, bags, and bracelets in the market.  We search for models everywhere we go and also use professional agencies when necessary.  For product shots, we’ve found a world class photographer right here in Boulder, Michael Robson who, like many other or our partners has become a good family friend.

Of course, all of this takes a good deal of time and money.  We’ve found that having a well thought through game plan for the photoshoot keeps cost down while ensuring we get all of the shots we need to convey the texture or our leather and the fashion and function features of our products.  Also, we only sell to and work with people we enjoy and respect which makes the whole experience a fun and rewarding adventure.