Look Beyond Trade Shows For Unique Items

Now that we've been in business for a few years and have been to more than enough trade shows, it strikes us that Boutique Owners are more likely to find the unique items customers will treasure by looking beyond where all other owners are shopping.

That's why we've decided to call directly on retail boutiques that we think are a good fit with our line.  We know how to qualify stores that are a good match before we call on them.  When we do drop in, we get to know the owners personally, see their store, and interact with their staff.  We can offer them exclusivity in the surrounding area because, unlike selling at a trade show, we get to see what other boutiques are close by. 

In turn, Boutique Owners who carry Embrazio can truly tell their customers they've got something unique to offer in terms of leather accessories.  Owners tell us that most of their business comes from regulars who drop in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis looking for something new and different that they won't find at every boutique in town.  Sure, there's always a few standard items that everyone gets at a trade show, but the really unique items will come from the small producers and artisans in your area or who take the time to research your store and travel to call on you directly.  

From local artisans and direct sellers with come the special things that set you apart from the pack and define the product personality of your boutique.  They create the ah ha's and delights.  They just take a bit more digging to find than traveling up and down the busy and crowded aisles of the big shows.