Horses - The Inspiration for the Embrazio Line

Stephanie's First Horse Lucky

How did you get the idea/inspiration for the Embrazio line?

Born with a Passion for Horses

I was born with a deeply felt passion for horses and fabulous leather creations have always been a cherished part of my world. From the exquisite beauty of lovingly polished saddles to the superhero-evoking power of tall riding boots, leather accoutrements are intimately woven into the sensual and exhilarating experience of horses. Leather tack and apparel may have embellishment, but in the equestrian world, authentic beauty, enduring quality, and graceful functionality predominate.

Smartphone Apps for Equestrians

My shift into co-owning a leather business came in an unexpected way. After leaving a career focused on new technology in the corporate world, I wanted to do something that combined my technology background with my love of horses and created a series of smartphone apps for equestrians. These apps allow riders to make use of their smartphones while on horseback.  When the apps came out, people in-variably asked “But how do you carry your phone when you ride?” Loving both old westerns and science fiction, I decided the ideal way to carry one’s phone would be like the Lone Ranger and Laura Croft carried their gun … in a holster, strapped to one’s thigh. So I designed the perfect belt and cell phone holster and searched around until I found a leather artisan who could actually build it.

Cellphone Holster

Prototype completed, my partner/husband joined me to found Embrazio - think embrace - to produce this and other leather accessories that are missing in today’s market. Many existing accessories provide a great look, a wonderful feel, or exceptional functionality but in the fashion world few provide all three. We knew our line would provide all three - authentic beauty, enduring quality, and graceful functionality - and in addition we wanted people to be able to enjoy the rich aroma of well-tanned leather.

Leather Accessories with Look, Feel, Smell, Function

The results of Embrazio’s quest can be seen in the suppleness and wear-ability of our leather bags, the patented form-fitting curved leather belts, and the all-leather secure but easy to use cell phone cases.  For us, each new product must fulfill this promise … authentic leather accessories that look, feel, and smell fabulous while also providing graceful functionality to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle.