How Do We Describe the Curve in Embrazio's Curved Leather Belts?

Embrazio Handmade Curved Leather Belt

Why Would Someone Want a Curved Leather Belt?

When the Embrazio belts are first viewed, people look at them and wonder why the belt is curved as it is.  Was this just an error in production?  Frequently people have seen belts curved in a c-shape, but why the extra curves at the hips?

Answer: If your body could, it would shape all belts like Embrazio's curved leather belts

Many people when first shown our belts respond "Hey, my favorite belt that I have worn for many years looks just like this."  Sometimes people will pull the belt off that they are wearing and show us.  And invariably, if it's a good leather belt, you'll see this same shape has developed over time.

Is the shape visible when being worn?

The shape looks natural when being worn because this is the way one's body is shaped ... and in fact it does not cause the belt to gap in the back like straight belts do.  Put on a straight belt.  Then put on one of Embrazio's curved belts and you will see the subtle improvement in your look.