Leather iPhone Case Conveys Fashion & Business Savvy!

Free Your Pockets & Feel The Embrace

Finally there is an all leather phone case that fits even the larger iPhone 6+ and 7+ sized phones that is warm, professional and stylish.  The Sottile leather phone case from Embrazio is all this and more:

genuine leather handmade iPhone case

Warmth Of Italian Tanned Leather

Embrazio starts this case with premium leather tanned in a 3rd generation Italian owned and operated tannery.  That means the processes are time tested and the results precise.  Each hide is individually inspected and culled if it doesn't make the grade and exacting standards these experienced artisans insist upon.  The goal is to produce a leather that is deep and rich in tonality, soft and supple to the touch, and durable for long lasting wear.  One final check is the smell.  People love the fragrance of genuine high quality leather and too often modern high volume tanneries use processes and materials that leave the leather with a chemical or plastic smell.  Not so with Embrazio leathers that all must give a true leather fragrance.

A Genuine Leather Phone Case With Professional Style and Grace

Embrazio carefully chooses the leather to match the design of each product. In this case (pardon the pun!), the goal was to create a slender and polished look combined with a soft and supple feel similar to the finest Italian loafers.  This new Sottile case should look as great on a pair of jeans as it does on the side of your suit pants or slacks.

handmade leather smartphone case

Don't Forget Functionality!

Finally, the Embrazio team is obsessed with prototyping its products to ensure they don't just look and feel great, they also address the functional requirements as well.  Two elements set this all leather phone case apart from a functional perspective; expandability and single handed closure.  Coming up with a solution to the ever changing sizes of smartphones in the market is a tremendous challenge.  Embrazio's solution to the size issue is to run two elastic channels down the front of the case.  In addition to allowing some expandability, the channels add accent and interest to the case.  Smartphones of all sizes fit well into the Sottile holster.

For a closure, Embrazio uses a strong nipple rivet first used to secure ammo pouches in WWI.  The rivet enables the wearer to retrieve and replace their phone securely with one hand and without looking down.  The strap that goes on top of the rivet extends all the way around the case forming a lengthy belt loop for the belt to go through.  this roominess in the loop allows the case to move forward or backward and not conflict or constrain the fit when closing seat belts, etc..


The Sottile Handmade Leather Phone Case In Cognac

The case is also available in genuine leather distress cognac as well as the black pictured above.  Why not get both?