Your Leather Messenger Bag Says It All

What Matters To You In A Leather Messenger Bag?

A leather messenger bag is a big purchase for most people.  Not only do quality bags cost several hundred dollars or more, they also speak to who you are, how you work, and the style you want to project.  Are you strictly a functional buyer and care little for how the bag looks and feels or are you a fashionista who's willing to sacrifice functionality and ease of use for just the right look?  Or, perhaps you're in that more carefully curated third category of professionals who want the best in fashion and functionality and, by the way, you want it at a great price as well!  In that third category  are people Embrazio is focused on serving.

Impressa Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

The Impressa Handmade Leather Messenger Bag Is Born

As corporate executives for over 30 years, we've known and used many different types of bags on the business field of battle.  We've looked past the briefcase toting staffer and the backpack laden consultant and had our attention and interest peeked by the stylish exec. who swung a well worn leather friend onto the conference room table.  Now there was a bag.  Carefully crafted, better with age, and filled with the important assets needed to do business anywhere, anytime.  That was the model we wanted to follow, and we did!A Uniquely Designed Leather Messenger That Has It All

As with all our products, we design to bring together fashion, functionality, and the feel and smell of high quality leather.  For the Impressa Leather Messenger Bag, we use Italian tanned leathers well structured with a deep luster and rich with the fragrance that leather lovers obsess over.  We gave the bag a simple shoulder strap and firm but thinly profiled handle.  We added a zippered pocket on the outside for quick access to small items like phones, headphones, passports, etc..  Inside you'll find a leather lined computer sleeve, sturdy canvas sleeve pockets and a deep zippered pocket to separate and secure important items.  To dress the bag, we ran a thick threaded line of cross stitching down the front panel and added an all brass eye catching clip closure.

Impressa Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

...and a Leather Messenger That Says It All!

Whether worn over the shoulder, carried by the handle, or just sitting next to your chair, the Impressa Leather Messenger Bag says that you care and won't settle for anything but the best in your life.  What better way to enter a negotiation than to place this bag on the table and then hesitate just a second to sit down.  You've already said much of who you are and what you expect and you haven't even said a word.

Impressa Genuine Leather Messenger Bag