Metallic Silver Handmade Leather Cross Body Brings Up Your Black

Everybody Wears Black

Let's face it, everyone wears black.  From the famous little black dress to the classic black suit, we all have black favorites that play high in our clothing rotation.  Black is slimming and it goes with damn near every pair of shoes, tie, scarf, or pair of ear rings on the planet.  However, black can also cause you to fade away into the background if it's not complimented with something colorful and eye catching.  Enter the Embrazio Silver Stretta Handmade Leather Cross Body.

Metallics Are In And For Good Reason

According to many of the latest fashion trend surveys, metallics are one of the hottest trends now and for the foreseeable future.  They take traditional comfy leather and add a smart reflective finish that draws the eye and raises the eyebrow.  Still soft and supple due to its high quality Capretta leather, Embrazio's new small cross body comes in two metallic finishes, silver and gold.  The bag's metallic exterior, combined with movable tassel and whispery leather zipper pulls, puts it right on trend and ready for your moves.  Speaking of moves, there's something about this specific silver that just rocks the you know what out of black.

An All Around Leather Bag

The Silver Stretta leather cross body is deceptive in its capacity to carry virtually everything you need.  The side gussets, external phone sleeve, and multiple pockets enable the Stretta to carry as much or more than many mid-sized bags.  It also rolls up easily when empty to fit into a larger travel bag making it the perfect companion when on the road.  Want another cool feature?  The Stretta easily converts into a hip bag by removing the strap and feeding a belt through the hidden channel in the back.  Below is a distressed bone colored Stretta in the hip bag configuration.

All in all, Embrazio's metallic handmade leather cross bodies are go everywhere do everything bags that look especially fine with your favorite black something!