Handmade Genuine Leather Bracelets

Handmade Leather Bracelets - Artwork For Your Wrist!

We've made the natural evolution from handmade leather purses and belts to leather bracelets and they're getting quite a reception!  Embrazio has introduced two new bracelets to its collection of leather accessories, the Turco and the Mezza Luna.  In this blog, we'll be taking a closer look at the Mezza Luna leather bracelet.

 Handmade genuine leather bracelets

How The Design Came Together For The Mezza Luna Leather Bracelet

The Mezza Luna actually started as a single strand leather bracelet.  Half braided leather and half a customized metal curve, the single strand was beautiful but didn't quite make the artistic statement we had in mind.  Back to the drawing board or, more precisely, the prototyping table.  After a couple of weeks trying thicker braids and braid designs, our design team came up with the idea of simply braiding two of the existing single strands together.  Once configured as a double strand, we knew we had a winner!  A handmade leather bracelet with a design like no other we've seen in the market.

Handmade genuine leather bracelets

The Mezza Luna Your Way!

We've typically introduced a new product in traditional colors of black, brown, and perhaps a single "pop" color but with the Mezza Luna, we felt confident enough in the design to go ahead and commission multiple colors for the initial rollout...and we're glad we did.  The first retail boutique we showed the bracelet to ordered all 9 colors including the 4 metallic colors we considered the most risky: gold, silver, black/gold, and bronze.  Retailing at $86, each is truly "Artwork For Your Wrist" and an excellent way to accent any casual or upscale casual ensemble. 


Handmade genuine leather bracelets Handmade genuine leather bracelets Handmade genuine leather bracelets Handmade genuine leather bracelets Handmade genuine leather bracelets

Pairing Leather Bracelets Was a Natural

We completed the design of our Turco handmade leather bracelet at nearly the same time and with the same array of rich colors to choose from.  It was only natural that the bracelets started to be worn together.  So far reactions from retail customers have been fantastic and the requests for more designs have come rolling in.  We're busy with several new designs and may work with a few different leathers this time around.  What's even more fun is that people have started their own Embrazio leather bracelet collections.  Our goal is to continue carefully building upon these initial designs with equally delicious styles and colors, each a stand alone piece of art for your wrist and wardrobe!

Match Your Leather Bracelet with a Custom Mexican Belt

Now that you have selected the best leather bracelet, it's time to choose an option from our selection of Mexican belts and custom belts. When we started Embrazio, our focus was entirely on making the best handmade curved belts in the world. It's only natural that our leather bracelets are designed to go perfectly with our collection of belts. With a wide selection of colors and styles, you can match or find the perfect complimentary piece to anchor the rest of your ensemble. For more information or to shop, we suggest viewing all of our handmade leather bracelets, belts and buckles at Embrazio.com. Also, don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or issues.