3 Great Reasons To Get/Give A Leather Bracelet From Santa This Year!

Earlier this month we did an overview of our Mezza Luna leather bracelet.  It's actually the second bracelet we've come out with so, in the spirit of doing things differently, we'll talk a little about our first bracelet, the Turco, in this post.  Before we do that, however, let's chat a for a few lines about why in the world leather bracelets are so special in the first place.

The Turco Leather Bracelet From Embrazio

Loving Leather Bracelets; Reason #1 - The Look, Feel, and Smell

We can tell you from first hand experience that people absolutely love the look, feel, and smell of quality leather.  We store all of our inventory locally and when people walk into our store room they almost universally let out a sigh followed by "oh my, I love the rich smell of leather."  Well designed and constructed leather braiding, done with an attention to detail, can create a depth of interest many more rigid materials cannot.  Finally, the softness and texture of quality leather is pleasing to our sense of touch.   Once you find that special leather "artwork for your wrist" you'll find yourself rubbing, touching, and smelling that lovely leather all day.  Comforting!

Loving Leather Bracelets; Reason #2 - Affordability

Leather bracelets typically range from $15 to $100 depending on the quality of leather, hardware details, and complexity of design.  Our Turco, for instance, retails for $62.  The Turco features a truly unique design with some fairly complex braiding to develop the turkshead knot closure, a small logo embellishment, and a tight leather tassel that creates action and motion further enhancing the Turco's visual appeal.  Hitting a mid-range price with a bracelet of this style and quality took many iterations and lots of negations to be sure.  Our goal was to create an iconic piece using excellent leather in a unique design provided to our customers at an affordable price.  Given the pace of sales to date, we think we came pretty close to the mark.



 Loving Leather Bracelets; Reason #3 - A Lasting Treasure

If you're the kind a person that values quality and enjoys giving and receiving gifts that last, leather bracelets are for you.  By it's very nature, leather outlasts many other materials and what else gains the richness and depth of character of well worn leather items?  Your gift of a leather bracelet will last a lifetime and that means the memory of the moment, of your thoughtfulness, will live on as well.  


So, as you turn to your list this holiday season and start thinking of that perfect gift for someone special, think about leather bracelets.  Unique in design, possessing the rich smell and texture our senses adore, and obtainable at an affordable price, leather bracelets may be just the thing to make you the thoughtful gift giver we all aspire to be.  Happy holidays!