NYC Fashion Editors Meet Embrazio

Ever wonder who establishes fashion trends? “Fashion Editors” are key. These creatives are constantly on the hunt for what’s new, what’s cool, what’s gaining traction and feature these gems in those glossy magazines that one just can’t wait to snap up.   In April of this year, Omar Cunningham of Frame PR, set up for us a 3-day whirlwind schedule of interviews in NYC with leading Fashion Editors. What a blast it was to step into their world.

Before even going to NYC I had to decide what to wear. It needed to not only fit my personal style but to also go with Embrazio’s leather accessories.   Fortunately, not a problem - casual, a bit edgy, fun, and feels great to touch/wear/live-in. My very fashionable 24 year old daughter told me NOT to wear the gold JBrand jeans but I tossed that piece of advise. I love those pants and when matched with my blue Cloth and Stone chambray shirt, my BedStu boots, the necklace I got years ago from Nieman’s, my AllSaints leather jacket and the brass-studded black Embrazio Coperto belt, the outfit is to die for. You have to be who you are and this outfit definitely reflects who I am. I could actually pretty much wear this attire to ride my Andalusian mare if I really wanted to (not dressage sanctioned but with the Spanish breed you can be a bit more flamboyant.)

Once we hit the ground in NYC, it was intense. During that 3-day period we talked with Paola with Allure, EJ with InSyle, Pilar with People in Espanol, Linda with Fashion Mannuscript, Flavia with Real Simple, Anne with Redbook, Niria with Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Jane and Cara with Everyday with Rachel Ray, Madeline with, Brooke with Glamour, Lauren with First for Women, and Katie with Bridal Guide. One of the issues is that the interviews were all over the place. So we’d be in midtown for one interview, then take the train to downtown for the next, take the train back to midtown for the third, take the train over to NJ, fly back to midtown. You get the picture. After our meeting with Lauren in Englewood, NJ, we high tailed it back to midtown via the bus over the bridge, the train down to Penn Station and then running for15 blocks to meet with Katie at Bridal Guide. Omar and I were soaking wet. It wasn’t a very fashionable look, but we just had to go with it. Fortunately Katie just cracked up laughing.

But what were the interviews like? In a word – thrilling! The editors’ reaction to the line was overwhelmingly positive. They got what our brand is all about – originality, coupled with authentic beauty, graceful functionality, enduring quality. We offered each editor a gift of either one of our belts or one of our Tasca Bags. Here’s a feel for three of the interviews. Our first interview was with Flavia of Real Simple. We met in the sitting area inside the Real Simple offices. Flavia has brains and beauty. After saying a little bit about our company, we presented out and talked about our products collection by collection. Like so many, Flavia’s reaction to the curved belt was “Huh. This fits great! Wonder why nobody has done this before.” Flavia selected one of our Grey Coperto belts. Later in the day we met with Niria of Cosmopolitan for Latinas. Niria is super famous. She has written extensively for Cosmo and I was excited to meet her. Niria exudes style.   She understood the value of the Tasca bag immediately. Her selection was the bright red Tasca bag that she envisioned using on her upcoming photoshoots. Our last interview of the trip was with Linda of Fashion Mannuscript (a well-known trade publication read by boutiques around the world.) Linda has extensive experience in the fashion industry.  She has facilitated the acceptance of a number of trends over the years and has met many people along her journey. She was fabulous. I think what Linda found intriguing is how a person from tech and telecom can end up in the world of fashion. She ended up doing an interview with me that will be published in the 2015 June/July issue of Fashion Mannuscript. Very cool. (She also selected a Tasca bag – the coffee with antique brass.)

One of the keys to success in meeting with the Fashion Editors is the relationship the individual we are working with at the PR firm has with these editors. Relationships matter. I have to say Omar Cunningham was stellar to work with. Every time we would meet with someone, when that person casted their eyes on Omar, a big smile lit their face. Omar just has a winning way with people. It’s clear he appreciates and respects them. And they feel the love.   It made the whole experience great fun. (Well that and the Italian dinner Omar and I had on the first evening, much conversation … and a bit too much wine.)

What’s the upshot? Keeping our fingers crossed. I sincerely believe people really liked what they saw. Hopefully we will be picked up in upcoming articles and we’ll become one of those trends in the world of fashion.