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Embrazio Featured in Boulder Daily Camera

In "Boulder company fashions line of belts that actually fit" fashion editor Aimee Heckel showcased Embrazio curved belts in 3/4 page spread of Fashion Section in Sunday's 06/07/2015 edition of the Boulder Daily Camera.

Highlights from the article

Boulder-based Embrazio has created a uniquely designed belt that is shaped to fit your body. (Ann-Nicole Duryea / Courtesy photo)

A close-up look at the Curva belt made by Embrazio. (Embrazio / Courtesy photo)

Tough — so don't mess with me — but still kinda pretty.

That's how Stephanie Boyles' daughter described herself when she was 9.

That's how Boyles describes her leather accessories, too.

Even though the Boulder-based Embrazio line is quite a bit more refined than that, and not kinda pretty but legitimately gorgeous. Definitely tough. Add in unique and practical — the kind of thing that makes you say "Why doesn't that already exist?" — and you've got the spirit of Embrazio.

Embrazio decided to try to design the ideal lightweight travel bag, which would be made of uber-soft sheepskin, so it would not irritate the skin, and would have plenty of zippers for storage and organization, without anything extra to weigh one down. She also wanted the bags to offer just as much fashion as function.

They designed a line of bags that can be worn cross-body or clipped on to a belt loop, for those who are on an active adventure and need both hands (and shoulders). With luxury materials and careful details, they're still beautiful enough to pair with even a glam gown.

Definitely tough. Definitely pretty.

A yellow Tasca bag made by Embrazio. (Ann-Nicole Duryea / Courtesy photo)