4 Must-Have Leather Essentials for Women

Fine leather accessories are not only versatile, durable, and beautiful, but they are a reflection of your taste and style. Leather is where fashion meets function. If you’ve been wanting to branch out from your leather jacket, there are other items to purchase that will complete or elevate your everyday life. Pay attention to the details of your leather accessories, as it will make a difference in everything from how it feels to how it fits. Custom belts made of leather should be curved to conform to your body, for example. Look and feel your best while wearing or carrying leather accessories by adding the four following products to your collection.

Custom Leather Belt

No outfit is complete without a high-quality leather belt. Consider a classic leather belt a wardrobe staple. Your belts have the ability to tie your whole outfit together and, of course, hold your pants up. When you look closely at someone’s belt, you can tell if it’s finely crafted by highly skilled leather artists. When you find the right one, you’ll know it. It fits perfectly. It feels authentic and comfortable. It’s handcrafted and made of fine leather. The best custom leather belts only get better with wear. Seek out one with an s-curve, meant to truly fit your body without digging into your skin or leaving an annoying gap.

Well-Designed Leather Wallet

Everyone needs a wallet to securely store their cash, credit cards, and identification. It holds your personal effects, and it’s an essential item you need access to every day, but that doesn’t mean your wallet should look bland. A leather, handcrafted wallet never goes out of style and will last many years. Look for a slim, premium leather wristlet wallet that effectively organizes and holds your essentials, including your cell phone. Don’t be surprised when you get tons of compliments on such a basic staple. However, a well-designed and finely constructed phone wallet is anything but basic.

Stylish Leather Backpack or Messenger Bag

sn’t it time to retire your backpack from your college days? Upgrade to a more refined look with a leather backpack. It just may become your new favorite leather accessory. A handmade leather backpack or messenger bag is the perfect travel or work companion. The leather should look and feel luxurious and have a timeless quality to it. Fashion and function go hand-in-hand with a thoughtfully constructed backpack or messenger bag. You should be able to easily store your everyday items, such as your phone, sunglasses, lunch, headphones, and other accessories.

Functional Leather Phone Case

Leather may not be the first material you think of when it comes to phone cases, but it sure is durable and more attractive than many phone cases out there today. If you need your phone on your person at all times, and don’t want a plastic or rubber case to hold your phone, then a streamlined, soft leather phone holster is a great choice. Carry your cell phone fashionably with a comfortable case that can easily attach to the waist of your jeans or skirt. A high-quality leather phone holster should lay flat against your body and not feel intrusive.

About Embrazio

Boulder, Colorado-based Embrazio is a handmade leather accessories company that specializes in curved, custom leather belts as well as stylish handmade leather bags, wallets, jewelry, leather phone holsters, and more. Embrazio brings thoughtful and innovative design to products made with fine leather and superb craftsmanship. The brand’s handcrafted products meet the modern needs of women and men with timelessly stylish taste in high-quality leather. Embrazio’s leather products are available on their website and in over 200 boutiques listed online. Embrazio’s products are crafted in Leon, Mexico by highly skilled leather craftspeople. Learn more about Embrazio’s story and patented curved leather belts at www.embrazio.com